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The Originals

Dec 17, 2020

Remember 2014’s McConaissance? Thanks to a newly-unearthed and beautifully brutal Trump interview and her cameo in The Undoing, 2020 marks the beginning of Connie Chung’s Conniessance. The 74 year-old news legend brings a Gatorade cooler full of tea to spill on and about, among others, grumpy, frumpy scene partner Hugh Grant, former TV pal David Letterman, onetime CBS Evening News co-anchor Dan Rather as well as Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer, who treated her to a Jeff Gillooly/Nancy Kerrigan style welcome when she joined ABC News. Plus: Covid-era homicidal feelings about hubby Maury Povich. Oh, and here’s where you can watch Andrew Goldman’s unhinged 2015 doc about getting fired from The New York TimesThe Desk.