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The Originals

Feb 8, 2021

You may or may not recognize his name, but you definitely know the pictures of, as he likes to call himself, “Paparazzo Extraordinaire” Ron Galella. There was that famous shot of “Fat Liz” [Taylor] at Studio 54, David Bowie and John Lennon at a Grammy afterparty, and Robert Redford rocking mirrored shades. He’s however best known for his decades long pursuit of Jackie O, which resulted in his most famous photo, shot in 1971, “Windblown Jackie.” In this sometimes funny, but often dark encounter with the iconic lensman, we get to hear Galella’s side of the story. Did Jackie O, as Galella professes, actually enjoy the attention? Andrew tracks down a longtime member Jackie O’s Secret Service detail to factcheck Galella’s claims.

Catch Andrew talking about this and others episodes on Feb 11, 2021’s episode of the always hilarious pop culture current events podcast, Nope.